Book on a Stick updated to v0.3

Book on a Stick has been updated to v0.3 with lots of changes:


  • Added a History page.
  • Created the Links for writers page for inclusion in the menu.
  • Modified the AES Encryption page.


  • Added an entry for editor buttons.
  • Added an entry for editor special buttons.


  • Updated, reorganized, and renamed the editor buttons.
  • Added button links for dictionary, Google, thesaurus, and Wikipedia to the editor.
  • Customized the look of the buttons.

General interface:

  • Changed the color scheme.
  • Modified the content of the About this wiki link beneath the main text area.

Help section:

  • Corrected incorrect examples for external and internal links on the Help::Add a link page.
  • Updated all the Help pages, adding lots of new content.


  • Removed the search box.
  • Added the Word Play link to the Fun section of the menu.
  • Added the Backlinks link to the Administration section of the menu.


  • Added descriptions to the Options page.
  • Removed the Options explanation page, which had some unused options.
  • Added links to these pages in the Pages section on the Options page:
    • Cleanup
    • Create new page
    • Tagged::Help
    • Syntax pages

Enjoy! (:


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