Book on a Stick updated to v0.4

Book on a Stick has been updated to v0.4 with more changes than you can shake a stick at:


  1. Added buttons to the editor for creating unusual lists on request by a user. The buttons are not enabled by default, but can be enabled by uncommenting them in the source code.
  2. Added the FullSpecialTagThis function to be used for HTML list buttons in the editor so their line height will match that of wiki lists.
  3. Added the ListTagThis function on special request so that unusual list item styles can be made into editor buttons.
  4. Commented out the part of the code that caused the wiki to add extra slashes to certain parts of its code during wiki self-clean on save. (This causes the wiki to no longer be proper XHTML, but until that part of the code is fixed, I’m leaving it commented out. You can undo my comment marks to re-enable it if you like.)
  5. Fixed the code for the Table pop-up in the editor so extra slashes won’t be added when the wiki does self-repair.
  6. Fixed the DivTagThis function so that the Left, Center, Right, and Justify buttons in the editor will now create code with proper closing tags.
  7. Fixed the FullTagThis function so that the Strike, Superscript. Subscript, and Blockquote buttons in the editor will now create code with proper closing tags.
  8. Reorganized the center row of buttons in the editor.
  9. Replaced the Fixed menu and banner option with Fixed banner on the Special::Options page. This prevents the menu from becoming inaccessible if it becomes too long to fit on the screen.
  10. Updated the Special::Advanced page, replacing Edit the custom script run once when this wiki is being loaded with Edit the bootscript – add some custom JavaScript to be executed when the wiki is being loaded.


  1. Added a link to current version of Wiki on a Stick online demo on the welcome page.
  2. Added a Known bugs section to the Help::Page creation page.
  3. Added dates to the versions on the History page.
  4. Added instructions for recalibrating the Word Count button to the Help::Word count page.
  5. Added instructions for using the default alert image to the Help::Images page.
  6. Added the contents of the Example::External JavaScript page to the Help::JavaScript page.
  7. Added the Help::Backup page.
  8. Added the Help::Delete a page page.
  9. Added the Help::Edit a page page.
  10. Added the Help::Edit the menu page.
  11. Added the Help::Page scrolling page.
  12. Added the Help::Print a page page.
  13. Added the Help::Rename a page page.
  14. Added the Help::Table of Contents Page.
  15. Added the Help::Word count page.
  16. Added the Images:: namespace to the reserved namespaces.
  17. Changed the logo.
  18. Made the Help:: pages static to preserve them when deleting all pages from the wiki.
  19. Moved the contents of the Example::JavaScript Temporary Page to the Help::JavaScript page.
  20. Moved the contents of the page creation sections in the Getting Started page to the Help::Page creation page.
  21. Removed the Cleanup tag search from the Special::Advanced page.
  22. Removed the Example::Creole Syntax page.
  23. Removed the Example::Bold Font In Lists page.
  24. Removed the Example::External JavaScript page.
  25. Removed the Example::Infinite Recursion Template page.
  26. Removed the Example::JavaScript Temporary Page.
  27. Removed the Example::Mixed Headers page.
  28. Removed the Example::Syntax Parsing page.
  29. Removed the Example::Test Template 1 page.
  30. Removed the Example::Test Template 2 page.
  31. Removed the Example::Word Count Text Area page.
  32. Renamed many of the Help pages.
  33. Renamed the Example::Bootscript page to Help::Bootscript.
  34. Renamed the Example::Custom JavaScript page to Example::JavaScript.
  35. Renamed the Example::Search Box page to Help::Add a search box.
  36. Renamed the Help::CSS settings page to Help::CSS.
  37. Renamed the Help::Transclude pages page to Help::Transclusion.
  38. Replaced the page creation sections in the Getting Started page with a link to the Help::Page creation page.
  39. Updated the comments on a couple of CSS entries.
  40. Updated the Help::Page name too long page to reflect the change to the Fixed banner option.
  41. Updated the Help::Transclusion page contents.
  42. Updated the History page contents and corrected some errors.
  43. Updated the Help::Images page contents, fixing the instructions for adding a local image from your hard drive.
  44. Updated the Links for writers page contents.
  45. Updated the Menu contents, adding a Search section.
  46. Updated the Special::About page links.

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