Book on a Stick updated to v0.6

Book on a Stick has been updated to v0.6 with more changes than you can shake a stick at:


  1. Added a Delete page function from Wiki on a Stick v0.9.7b.
  2. Added a Go to function from Wiki on a Stick v0.9.7b.
  3. Added a Help button to the editor to explain all the editor functions.
  4. Added footer areas beneath the main text area.
  5. Added the CSS code for the new footer areas so they can be styled from within the wiki.
  6. Added the CSS code for the new div.debug_console class so the debugger can be styled from within the wiki.
  7. Added the open_editor_help() function to be used by the Help button in the editor.
  8. Changed the size of the help pop-up that displays when the Table button is clicked in the editor.
  9. Updated my comments in the source code for clarity.
  10. Updated the code for the debug console layout, removing the empty line between the console and the Clear button, and changing the text of the Clear button to say Clear Debug console instead.
  11. Updated the code for the Main Page menu button so that if you rename the main page, the button will still work.
  12. Updated the CSS code for buttons in the editor and menu so they change color and the cursor changes to a hand when the mouse hovers over them.
  13. Updated the CSS code for spoilers so that they can now be used not only for span tags, but also div, p, td, and possibly other tags as well.
  14. Updated the wiki erasing function so the menu buttons are preserved when the wiki is erased.


  1. Added a Delete page button to the menu.
  2. Added instructions for using Go to and Delete page links to the Help::Links page.
  3. Added the Example::Table of Contents page.
  4. Added the Help::Footers page to explain footers and how to work with them.
  5. Added the syntax tag to the Help::Include web page, Help::Page tags, and Help::Table of Contents pages.
  6. Moved the code for the menu buttons to the Utility::Buttons page.
  7. Renamed the Word Count page to Word count button.
  8. Renamed the Word Count 2 page to Word count utility.
  9. Replaced the code for the buttons in the menu with an include link to the Utility::Buttons page.
  10. Updated the Getting Started page.
  11. Updated the Help::Bugs page.
  12. Updated the Help::Code blocks (preformatted text) page.
  13. Updated the Help::CSS page.
  14. Updated the Help::Delete a page page.
  15. Updated the Help::Edit a page page.
  16. Updated the Help::Edit the menu page.
  17. Updated the Help::Erase all pages page.
  18. Updated the Help::Horizontal rules (lines) page, adding a custom width horizontal rule aligned to the right.
  19. Updated the Help::Images page.
  20. Updated the Help::Import pages page.
  21. Updated the Help::Include wiki page page.
  22. Updated the Help::JavaScript page.
  23. Updated the Help::Links page.
  24. Updated the Help::Lists page to include instructions for various types of HTML lists.
  25. Updated the Help::Non-breaking spaces page.
  26. Updated the Help::Page creation page.
  27. Updated the Help::Page name too long page.
  28. Updated the Help::Page scrolling page.
  29. Updated the Help::Page tags page.
  30. Updated the Help::Page with no name page.
  31. Updated the Help::Parent and child pages page.
  32. Updated the Help::Publish wiki online page.
  33. Uodated the Help::Rename a page page.
  34. Updated the Help::Table of Contents page.
  35. Updated the Help::Text formatting page.
  36. Updated the Help::Transclusion page.
  37. Updated the Help::Wiki is read-only page.
  38. Updated the Help::Word count page.
  39. Updated the History page.
  40. Updated the Special::About page.
  41. Updated the Special::Advanced page.
  42. Updated the Special::Options page.
  43. Updated the text on menu buttons so the letters are upper case and use a smaller font.

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