Book on a Stick updated to v0.7

Book on a Stick has been updated to v0.7 with more changes than you can shake two sticks at:


  1. Added a comment to the source code on whether the Tagged:: namespace should be deprecated.
  2. Added a customizable New page template provided by FBnil.
  3. Added a sort button to the editor, thanks to code provided by FBnil.
  4. Added the code for code blocks with syntax highlighting provided by FBnil.
  5. Added the CSS entry for code blocks with syntax highlighting provided by FBnil.
  6. Added the table.text_area caption CSS entry so table captions can be styled.
  7. Added the expanddiv(div) function to be used in dynamic block text areas.
  8. Added the expandspan(span) function to be used in dynamic inline text areas.
  9. Added the setImageLocal(starttag,endtag) function to customize the prompt you get when clicking the Image button in the editor for embedding images.
  10. Performed all sorts of code cleanup contributed by FBnil.
  11. Removed the Embed file into wiki option from the Special::Advanced page.
  12. Removed the MAIN TEXT AREA FOOTER 2 CSS entry.
  13. Renamed the MAIN TEXT AREA FOOTER 1 CSS entry to FOOTER.
  14. Renamed the Images namespace to Wiki.
  15. Repaired the search box focus, thanks to code provided by FBnil.
  16. Replaced the banner icons and the icon images used in [[Images::]] namespace pages with Tango icons.
  17. Updated the code for function setImage(starttag,endtag) so it’s more obvious what the Image button in the editor wants of you when you click it.
  18. Updated the styling for the Help and Delete this page buttons in the editor to give them a bit of padding on the right.


  1. Added instructions for delayed page redirection to the Help::JavaScript page.
  2. Added instructions for dynamic block text areas and dynamic inline text areas to the Help::Spoilers page.
  3. Added instructions for the sort button to the Help pop-up in the editor.
  4. Added the About button to the menu.
  5. Added the Add expanding menu entries section to the Help::Edit the menu page.
  6. Added the Examples, Help, Images, Syntax, and Utilities pages so the pages they link to can be hidden, making the list of all pages shorter and easier to navigate.
  7. Added the Help::Change wiki settings page.
  8. Added the Help::Include text file page.
  9. Added the Help::New page template page.
  10. Added the Help::Navigation page.
  11. Added the Help::Spoilers page.
  12. Added the Help::Syntax page.
  13. Added the Utility::Word frequency page.
  14. Removed the About this wiki footer.
  15. Removed the Help::Embed a file page.
  16. Removed the Images::Help page.
  17. Removed the spoiler content from the Help::Text formatting page.
  18. Removed the Utility::Creative Commons License page.
  19. Removed the Word count button page.
  20. Renamed the Help::Footers page to Help::Footer.
  21. Renamed the Help::Page tags page to Help::Tags.
  22. Renamed the Links for writers page to Utility::Links for writers.
  23. Renamed the Main Page to Main page (changing its case).
  24. Renamed the Said page to Utility::Said.
  25. Updated the content of the footer.
  26. Updated the Example::Overview page.
  27. Updated the Getting Started page.
  28. Updated the Help::Bugs page.
  29. Updated the Help::Code blocks page, adding instructions on how to use code blocks with syntax highlighting from code provided by FBnil.
  30. Updated the Help::CSS page.
  31. Updated the Help::Delete a page page.
  32. Updated the Help::Edit the menu page.
  33. Updated the Help::Erase all pages page.
  34. Updated the Help::Footer page.
  35. Updated the Help::Headers page.
  36. Updated the Help::Images page with instructions on how to use the image embedding interface, which has been fixed by FBnil.
  37. Updated the Help::Include web page page.
  38. Updated the Help::Include wiki page page.
  39. Updated the Help::Lists page.
  40. Updated the Help::Page creation page.
  41. Updated the Help::Requirements page.
  42. Updated the Help::Table of Contents page.
  43. Updated the Help::Tables page.
  44. Updated the Help::Transclusion page.
  45. Updated the Help::Word count page.
  46. Updated the History page.
  47. Updated the layout of some of the help pages.
  48. Updated the Special::About page.
  49. Updated the Special::Advanced page, adding the Edit the new page template entry provided by FBnil to the Advanced section.
  50. Updated the Special::Search page with code provided by FBnil.
  51. Updated the text on menu buttons so the letters are mixed case.
  52. Updated the Utility::Buttons page.
  53. Updated the Utility::Links for writers page.

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