Book on a Stick updated to v0.8

Book on a Stick has been updated to v0.8 with more changes than you can shake a stick at:

  • Interface:
    • Added comments to FBNil’s code contributions.
    • Added the ID of editor_buttons_row_one to the first row of buttons in the editor by surrounding them in HTML span tags.
    • Added the More lists button to the editor for opening a fourth row of buttons with fancy list types.
    • Added the CSS entry for /*TOOLTIPS*/ so tooltips can be styled.
    • Changed the text color on the page background in the editor from mediumblue to darkblue so it matches the button text color.
    • Cleaned up my comments in the source code, clarifying them and adding dates.
    • Cleaned up the code for editor buttons to make it easier to edit.
    • Cleaned up the code for the Table help pop-up in the editor, removing the
      tags and replacing them with special HTML linebreak tags that prevent the forward slash bug on wiki self-clean.
    • Moved the Delete page button into row 1 in the editor.
    • Removed the CSS entry for .wiki_button_special so that all editor buttons are now styled the same way.
    • Removed the New page template since it doesn’t persist on wiki erase.
    • Renamed the Blockquote button in the editor to Indent.
    • Renamed the CSS Tag container entry from /*LINK - PAGE TAG CONTAINER*/ to /*TAG CONTAINER*/.
    • Renamed the CSS Tag links entry from /*LINK - PAGE TAG*/ to /*TAG LINKS*/.
    • Renamed the ID for row 2 editor buttons from wiki_format_buttons to editor_buttons_row_two.
    • Renamed the ID for row 3 editor buttons from html_format_buttons to editor_buttons_row_three.
    • Renamed the ID for row 4 editor buttons from phr0st_list_format_buttons to editor_buttons_row_four.
    • Replaced all [ with ( and all ] with ) in both sections of source code that define the syntax for code blocks with syntax highlighting to change the syntax so it doesn’t trigger false hits in the Dead pages listing on the Special::Advanced page.
    • Replaced tags = tags.toUnique(); with tags = tags.toUnique().sort(); contributed by FBNil to sort tags alphabetically in the tag container.
    • Replaced the content of woas["special_tagged"] = function() with new content written by FBNil to sort tagged categories alphabetically when displaying tagged pages.
    • Repositioned many of the editor buttons.
    • Updated function _filter_wiki(s), adding the syntax for code blocks with syntax highlighting.
    • Updated the contents of function _servm_alert() for clarity.
    • Updated the CSS entries for /*HEADERS*/, making them more like the traditional Wiki on a Stick headers.
    • Updated the CSS entry for /*CODE INLINE - WIKI - CURLY BRACKETS*/, giving inline code a grey background.
    • Updated the CSS /*TAG CONTAINER*/ entry.
    • Updated the CSS /*TAG LINKS*/ entry.
    • Updated the Help pop-up in the editor.
  • Content:
    • Added the Help::Tooltips page to explain how to use tooltips, which were created by FBNil.
    • Added the Utility::Tooltips page to hold the template for tooltips.
    • Added the Wiki::Info page containing a default lightbulb image for use when pointing out additional information.
    • Removed the Help::New page template page.
    • Updated the History page.
    • Updated the Help::Bugs page.
    • Updated the Help::Code blocks (preformatted text) page.
    • Updated the Help::CSS page.
    • Updated the Help::Edit the menu page.
    • Updated the Help::Footer page.
    • Updated the Help::Images page.
    • Updated the Help::Include web page page.
    • Updated the Help::Include wiki page page.
    • Updated the Help::JavaScript page.
    • Updated the Help::Join lines of text page.
    • Updated the Help::Links page, adding instructions for include links.
    • Updated the Help::Lists page.
    • Updated the Help::Page creation page.
    • Updated the Help::Page with no name page.
    • Updated the Help::Parent and child pages page.
    • Updated the Help::Spoilers page:
      • Added instructions on how to create Dynamic block area (button).
      • Added instructions on how to create Dynamic block area (styled button).
      • Added instructions on how to insert include links into dynamic block areas, thanks to code provided by MicBerlin.
      • Added instructions on how to insert wiki headers into dynamic block areas, thanks to code provided by MicBerlin.
      • Renamed dynamic block text areas to dynamic block areas.
      • Renamed dynamic inline text areas to dynamic inline areas.
    • Updated the Help::Tags page.
    • Updated the Help::Transclusion page.
    • Updated the Help::Wiki is read-only page.
    • Updated the Help::Word count page.
    • Updated the Special::About page.
    • Updated the Special::Advanced page.
    • Updated the Utility::Word count page.
    • Updated the Utility::Word frequency page.

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