Book on a Stick updated to v0.9.1

Book on a Stick has been updated to v0.9.1 with more changes than you can shake a stick at:

  • Interface:
    • Added an explanatory comment to the #edit_page_title CSS entry.
    • Added a Go to top arrow (thanks to Stanky) to the footer at the bottom of every page.
    • Added font-family:monospace; to the .wiki_preformatted and pre CSS entries.
    • Added function FullSpecialTagThis(tag) for special treatment of HTML list line-height.
    • Added function ListTagThis(style) for unusual HTML list types.
    • Added function open_editor_help() to display a pop-up when the Help button is clicked in the editor.
    • Added function _set_banner(fixed) so that Fixed banner is an option.
    • Added function setImageLocal(starttag,endtag) so I could create a customized prompt when the Image button is clicked in the editor.
    • Added function _set_menu(fixed) so that Fixed menu is an option.
    • Added location to the var pic=prompt('Image location:',''); line in function setImage(starttag,endtag) to make it more obvious what you need to type in when you click on the Image link button in the editor.
    • Added the CSS /* EDITOR BODY TEXT */ entry to style the body text above the editor pane.
    • Added the CSS .woas_wait_text entry from Wiki on a Stick.
    • Added the Edit sub-menu button for use by namespace sub-menus.
    • Added the /* FOOTNOTES */ (thanks to FBNil and Stanky) entry to the global CSS.
    • Added title tags to the editor buttons.
    • Added title tags to the images in the Template::Icon:: namespace.
    • Added two blank table cells on the left and right side of the banner to control placement of banner content.
    • Added woas["FOOTNOTES"] (thanks to FBNil and Stanky) to be used by footnotes.
    • Assigned the editbodytext class to spans surrounding the Page title: and Online tools: entries in the editor section of the core code so they can be styled from within the wiki.
    • Assigned the woas_clear ID to the debug console Clear button so it can be styled from within the wiki CSS settings.
    • Changed the Last Modified: notification to Page last modified:.
    • Changed level one headers to level three headers in the woas["_get_namespace_pages"] function so the headers will display without wrapping when used in a sub-menu.
    • Changed level one header to level three header in the woas["_get_tagged"] function so the header will display without wrapping when used in a sub-menu.
    • Implemented FBNil’s syntax for checkboxes and checkbox tests in the Special::Options page.
    • Now using Wiki on a Stick v0.10.5 as the foundation for Book on a Stick!
    • Removed core styling from the Edit menu and Edit sub-menu buttons.
    • Renamed the sort editor button to Sort.
    • Renamed the Tag editor button to Tags.
    • Replaced WoaS editor buttons with my BoaS editor buttons.
    • Replaced function open_table_help with my BoaS function open_table_help code.
    • Replaced function setHTMLImage() to remove the XHTML closing slash from the resulting tag.
    • Replaced function setWikiImage() so it will use the new setImageLocal function to customize the prompt you get when you click the Image button in the editor.
    • Replaced Set tag: with Set tag (or tags separated by pipes): in function setTag() for clarity in the Tags button prompt.
    • Replaced the incorrect text-style entries in the .footnote and .footnotecontainer CSS entries with font-style.
    • Updated some of the system alerts.
    • Updated the global CSS.
    • Updated the setTag function so the Tags button in the editor will no longer use deprecated syntax.
    • Updated the Special::Options page to remove the Fixed menu and banner option and add the Fixed banner and Fixed menu options.
  • Content:
    • Added the Example::Embed web page iFrame page.
    • Added the Example::Embed web page object page.
    • Added the Example::Foldawaytext page.
    • Added the Example::Folding page inline page.
    • Added the Example::Folding page plain page.
    • Added the Help::Footnotes page (thanks to FBNil and Stanky).
    • Added the Template::Foldawaylink page to be used by Foldaway folds.
    • Added the Template::Foldawaypage page to be used by Foldaway folds.
    • Added the Template::Foldawaytext page to be used by Foldaway folds.
    • Added the Template::Icon::Password page.
    • Added the Template::Icon::Up page.
    • Added the Template::Info page.
    • Added the Utility::Diary page (created by FBNil).
    • Removed the Changes page.
    • Removed the Help::Embed web page page.
    • Removed the namespace from the title at the top of Help pages.
    • Renamed the Help::Import page page to Help::Import.
    • Renamed the MyPages::Page 1 page to Example::Encrypted page.
    • Renamed the Template::FoldingPage page to Template::Foldpage.
    • Renamed the Template::FoldingText page to Template::Foldtext.
    • Renamed the Template::FoldingTextInline page to Template::Foldtextinline.
    • Replaced the default Image::alert.png image with my own alert image.
    • Updated all tags to the new tag syntax.
    • Updated the Example::JavaScript page.
    • Updated the Help::Add a search box page.
    • Updated the Help::Aliases page.
    • Updated the Help::Bugs page.
    • Updated the Help::CSS page.
    • Updated the Help::Code blocks (preformatted text) page, removing the obsolete Code blocks with syntax highlighting section.
    • Updated the Help::Delete a page page.
    • Updated the Help::Edit a page page.
    • Updated the Help::Edit the menu page.
    • Updated the Help::Encrypt a page page.
    • Updated the Help::Export page.
    • Updated the Help::Folds page, adding instructions for Foldaway.
    • Updated the Help::Footer page.
    • Updated the Help::Images page.
    • Updated the Help::Import page.
    • Updated the Help::Include text file page.
    • Updated the Help::Include web page page.
    • Updated the Help::Include wiki page page.
    • Updated the Help::JavaScript page.
    • Updated the Help::Join lines of text page.
    • Updated the Help::Links page.
    • Updated the Help::Lists page.
    • Updated the Help::Namespaces page.
    • Updated the Help::Navigation page.
    • Updated the Help::Page creation page.
    • Updated the Help::Page scrolling page.
    • Updated the Help::Print a page page.
    • Updated the Help::Publish wiki online page.
    • Updated the Help::Requirements page.
    • Updated the Help::Run wiki on a server page.
    • Updated the Help::Syntax page.
    • Updated the Help::Table of Contents page.
    • Updated the Help::Tables page.
    • Updated the Help::Tags page.
    • Updated the Help::Tooltips page thanks for information provided by killermist.
    • Updated the Help::Transclusion page.
    • Updated the Help::Word count page.
    • Updated the History page.
    • Updated the Utility::Word count page.
    • Updated the Special::About page, changing the accepted syntax reference from “Creole 0.1” to “some Creole 0.1”.

One thought on “Book on a Stick updated to v0.9.1

  1. I’m not sure if this is the proper place to file bug reports, but I noticed that changes to page titles don’t stick when saved in v0.9.1. For example, I opened a brand new file, created a new page called “Test” and saved it. Then I went back and edited the page, changed the title to “Another test” and added the text “another test” to the main part of the page and clicked Save. The main page content held, but the page title remained “Test”.

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